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The political contribution refund program is reinstated

The Minnesota Campaign Refund Program will rebate up to $50.00 per donor each calendar year. Just send a check to Senator Franzen or donate online and the campaign will return an official receipt and rebate application form for you to apply for your refund. The refund form is also on the Department of Revenue’s website. Follow the instructions on the form and in four to six weeks you will receive your refund.

*State law requires political committees to collect the name and mailing address of each individual who makes a contribution over $20, and to report the name, mailing address, and employer of any individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a 2-year election cycle. The maximum contribution for a 2-year election cycle is $1,000 per individual and $2,000 per couple. Please make checks payable to Melisa Franzen for Senate.


You can donate online by clicking the “Donate” button which will take you to ActBlue to complete your transaction securely or mail a check to the address below. The maximum donation is $1,000 per person.

Personal check

Please make your check payable to “Melisa Franzen for Senate” and include your Occupation and Employer information on the check. It is required by law to collect this information for contributions $250 and above. Please mail checks to the address below.

Melisa Franzen for Senate
PO Box 24694
Edina, MN 55424


Contributions to Melisa Franzen for Senate are not tax-deductible. All contributions must be made from personal funds.


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